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    Why Choose Global Visions Co, Ltd. Quality Japanese cars are Second to None!

    1. High quality Japanese cars at affordable prices

    First, we choose only good condition vehicles when we purchase from our sources. Global Visions vehicles are supplied under “SEMI-RECONDITION” with a high standard. , inspection and maintenance by our professional mechanics for your safe driving.

    A. Inspection and preparation maintenance
    Our experienced mechanics attentively check the condition of the vehicles, to prepare a fully function vehicle for your safe and long term use!

    We check the following articles

    • Engine & Transmission
    • Every part of Indicator lamps/lens; including winkers, wipers, horn, etc.
    • Power windows, Central locking
    • Suspension’s bushes, CV Joint rubbers

    If any malfunctions or defects are found, those are attended and fixed by our mechanics before shipment

    B. Cleaning & Coating
    Our cleaners ensure our vehicles are in very clean and tidy condition prior to shipment.

    2. Global Visions Original Goods

    Original Spare Wheel Covers, Original Key Holder, Air Freshener…and more!!
    * Original goods may be subject to change depending on the stock

    3. The Right Vehicles with the Right Prices from Right Company

    Since Global Visions was established in 2016, we have been supplying our cars to around the world. With over 1 years of experience, we have been improving our system and sales operation by enhancing our buying sources and networks, cost effective sales, smooth export arrangements and high quality standard for every customer. Our smooth operation is really cost effective because we supply our cars with lowest possible prices directly to every customer without ANY MIDDLE MAN’S CHARGES.

    4. Safe & Quicker Delivery and Logistics Network

    All vehicles can be delivered up to your port of destination upon receipt of your firm order and payment. Our Shipping Department ensures to book your cars onto the next earliest vessel, and inform you the status of shipment throughout the process.
    Furthermore, We global shipment delivery can offer you quicker and safer shipment with cost effective delivery to every port. We have been cooperating with various shipping lines and cargo forwarders here, and are offering best possible way of quicker delivery with reasonable prices.
    Port Clearance & Local Transportation
    Upon the arrival at your destination port, our coordinated local clearing & forwarding agents can offer and arrange the local clearance of your car. The Door to Door Delivery Service, the transportation right up to your final destination can also be arranged in some areas
    Shipment & Delivery by Car Carrier or Dry Container
    If you wish to consolidate several units into a container, we can coordinate cost effective combination of packing and vanning. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

    5. Largest Stock and Flexible Services

    We, Global Visions have a large & very wide selection of Japanese cars to offer our customers. Those Japanese used cars are mainly sourced from our various networked local auto auctions and dealers. Our well experienced buyers inspect every single car before buying them, Monday to Saturday every week
    If you wish to purchase a specific type or model of a vehicle, different model from your local vehicle’s trend, or if you are searching particular type, that is not available on our online stock list, please do not hesitate to contact us! We can also source such models which meet your needs, directly from auctions.

    6. Over 1 Year of Experience Tells the Difference!

    Since we were established in 2016, Global Visions has been focusing on how we can gratify customers. In our long history in this field of business, we have gathered good knowledge on the market trade, and we believe that we have been fulfilling customer’s needs and expectation at all times. “Customer’s satisfaction is always No.1” – We assure it was accomplished by our professional team, sales staff who all have good knowledge, skills and experience in this business, assistants who offers help on each part of sales operation, and solidity between all parts of our staff with our concerned workshops and related companies around us.